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Donate generously to Lok Sanjh to support 2,000 families in some of the worst affected areas of South Punjab. Food items are at priority though health related issues are there yet the malnutrition is severed due to non supply of food. The recommended dry rations suggested for single family for the period of one month is as follows, as there are 8-9 members/family.

Rice 5 Kg Flour 20 Kg Sugar 2 Kg Pulses 4 Kg
Cooking oil 2 lit Dry Milk 400gm Tea 200 gm Washing soap 2 pieces
Bathing soap 2 pieces Dates 500 gm Red chilies 250gm Salt 250 gm
Water cooler one/family      
Non food items (cloths, foot wears etc) Tents for temporarily displaced Persons Paramedic staff and medicine  
Snake bite vaccine Food for animals Anti termite sprays Temporary latrine
Portable water Stoves    

Bank Details

Account Title: Lok Sanjh Foundation
Account No: 3081-8
Branch Code: 0597
Bank Name: MCB Bank, Aabpara Branch Islamabad.

For Kind Contributions

Lok Sanjh Foundation
Please Contact:
Email: Lok_Sanjh@yahoo.com
Telephone: 03345245424