Lok sanjh foundation planted more than 35oo plants during season 2018 in district Toba Tek singh to promote the vision of PM Imran khan(Plant for Pakistan( with partnership of registered farmers,staff,GLAs and forest department at RDBC site on main road from Toba to shorekot. Objectives of plantation

  • To increase forest cover in the areas
  • To enhance local livelihood through sustainable use of Natural resources
  • To protect the local ecology and biodiversity conservation

With the above objectives Lok Sanjh Foundation organized Plantation campaigns through the participation of all stake holders.  LSF conduct Hasher plantations and revived local culture by applying drum beating, songs and dance for the forestation of these species, land for the purpose is volunteered by the community members and RBDC they also take the responsibility of protecting the plants. This way, ownership of the community and safeguard of planted saplings is ensured for long term results of the sustainability.